Tuesday, July 26, 2005


In another echo of the McCarthy era, traitors or "terrorist helpers" are now being denounced nightly on FOX. So far O'ReilIy has come up with the ACLU, Michael Moore, Sen. Durban, Bob Herbert etc.--all the usual suspects.

I'm no patriot, but the ones causing irreversable harm to the US in the pursuit of very narrow short term self-interest such as Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, Rove et. al. are manifestly the real traitors. The damage they have done to the US is incalculable and far more than Osama bin Forgotten ever could have hoped for. Wrecking our relationship with virtually every country in the world, generating near universal contempt for America and Americans worldwide, creating an insoluble quagmire in Iraq, motivating and training new and larger generations of terrorists, breaking the back of the American economy, encouraging nuclear proliferation etc. etc.

The worst Bush & co. are doing though has nothing to do with treachery or patriotism: it is the mass murder of tens of thousands, the open establishment of a gulag system, the rehabilitation and celebration of torture, the accelerated destruction of the planet's ecosystem, the replacement of science and enlightenment principles with bronze age superstition and bronze age bigotry etc. There is no future in any of this for human beings as a species or for those species still remaining with us on this planet. There is no name that does justice to this level of depravity.


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