Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Seeds of Mass Destruction

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The US government is in the process of extraditing a Canadian citizen for alleged crimes committed from Canada. The terrorist act for which extradition is sought: spreading the seeds of mass destruction, aka marijuana. He has been officially charged in Seattle with "conspiring to manufacture marijuana, launder money and traffic millions of marijuana seeds into the United States. At the time of his arrest, on July 29, he and his business were on a United States attorney general list of the 46 most wanted international drug traffickers, and the only one in Canada."

The "terrorist," Mark Emery, the leader of the British Columbia Marijuana Party and somewhat of a crackpot libertarian remains defiant: "Let me be the light that shines on the American gulag." According to the NYT:

    In July, the Canadian police, working with D.E.A. agents, arrested Mr. Emery and raided his headquarters at the request of the American government, so that he might be extradited for trial in Seattle. Last week, he was freed on bail; the extradition process could take years. It is bound to stir a debate in Canada about whether it should permit a Canadian to stand trial in the United States for an offense that is essentially tolerated here.

There is a lot more info here.


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