Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Times Teaches the Controversy (again)

The NYT has another article up about the fucking creationists, again framed so as to create the impression of scientific controversy where there is only political controversy, namely the one between the reality based community and the anti-science fundamentalists. The creationists avowed goal is "to teach the controversy" and again the NYT does the work for them. The headline In Explaining Life's Complexity, Scientists and Doubters Clash thus amounts to creationist propaganda:. So the xians are the skeptics and the scientists the defenders of dogmatic orthodoxy. Really?

The opening sentence of the article is even worse: "At the heart of the debate over intelligent design is this question: Can a scientific explanation of the history of life include the actions of an unseen higher being?" This is framed as if it were a scientific question but it is only a political and religious one. There is no debate within science. There is a debate between the scientific community and a portion of the religious community. That the xians have managed to line up a few people with higher degrees in support of their cause merely proves that fanaticism can override scientific objectivity. That's why they call it blind faith. Idiots.

And the article standardizes the reference to scientists who support evolution as "mainstream" scientists, again giving the creationists the role of gadfly and heretic, rather than quack or sophist, which would be more accurate.


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