Friday, September 09, 2005

Christian Charity

The christian ghouls continue to dance on the graves of the vicitms of Katrina (+ video at link above).
    A confrontation this morning between an East Texas church and an evacuee from New Orleans. It centers around a sign out front of Woodland Hills Baptist Church on Old Jacksonville Road in Tyler, about a mile inside the loop..."I drove by that sign and was just horrified when I saw that," says Kelly Jackman who now lives in Tyler but used to live in New Orleans.

    Kelly along with her sister Robin Lafont, an evacuee from New Orleans, showed up this morning at the church to talk to the man who put it up, Pastor Wiley Bennett.

    During a heated discussion, Robin asked, "What's the point of the sign out there?" Pastor Bennett replied, "The point of the sign is New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and New York City are some of the most wicked cities in America."...

    Pastor Bennett says, "Anybody that's ever visited New Orleans, the very name itself - Big Easy - denotes that it's easy to find sin there."... "The purpose of the sign is to wake American up to the fact that America is going away from God. New York City's 9/11 was a call of judgment and New Orlean's horrible incident was judgment on a wicked city."

(via Amygdala)

Meanwhile, other xians see Katrina as evidence of god's mercy. (via One Good Move)

Earlier: The Bloody Fingerpainting of god or as Pandagon puts it "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Fetus."

And Democracy Now has a really excellent extended report on FEMA's promotion of Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing. Highly Recommended.

Juan Gonzales of Democracy Now also has a related piece: Disaster Used as Political Payoff

UPDATE 9/11 Texas Governor Listens to Pastor on the Sins of New Orleans

Gov. Rick Perry spoke at two private events this week where a Texas minister wondered if God sent Hurricane Katrina to purify the nation of sins, including homosexuality...The Rev. Dwight McKissic, organizing pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, said he asked only if God sent the hurricane "to purify our nation."

Perry and McKissic addressed the Texas Restoration Project, which seeks to register 300,000 voters.

McKissic said he listed aspects of the Crescent City: "They have devil worship. They advertise 'Sin City' tours. They celebrate Southern decadence. Girls go wild in New Orleans.

"Sometimes God does not speak through natural phenomena," McKissic said. "This may have nothing to do with God being offended by homosexuality. But possibly it does," he said.


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