Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lord of the Penguins

The xian right has found a new role model in the nature documentary March of the Penguins. They are actually organizing leadership seminars around the discussion of the film. Following prinicples of interpretation similar to those used in the examination of bird entrails, the xian right finds in the life of the penguin a parable of family values: monogamy, sacrifice and righteous xian struggle.
    Ben Hunt, a minister at the network, said of the penguins' struggle for survival: 'Some of the circumstances they experienced seemed to parallel those of Christians. The penguin is falling behind, like some Christians are falling behind. The path changes every year, yet they find their way, like the Holy Spirit.'

    A contributor to the Christian Science Monitor wrote: 'The penguins' way of life has illustrated to me some aspects of how God is parenting us.' ... Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, told a conference of young Republicans: 'Penguins are the really ideal example of monogamy...'

The last comment is particularly funny since the species of penguins featured in the film are typically monogamous only for a season.

    As happened with Mel Gibson's Christian blockbuster, churches have block-booked cinemas and organized visits for their members. The 153 House Churches Network in Sidney, Ohio, runs a March of the Penguins Leadership Workshop after screenings of the film. Its website,, provides a form that can be downloaded and taken to the cinema. It advises: 'Please use the notebook, flashlight and pen provided to write down what God speaks to you.'

If only they would pick (Disney) lemmings as their inspiration instead.

UPDATE 9/19: One Good Move has posted an incredible Daily Show Clip from 2004 about gay penguins.


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