Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some Updates

I posted a funny story last week about desperate military recruiters which received a funny response, apparently from an actual military recruiter (who confesses that he is actually not much of a reader). Now they have graduated from crashing kiddy birthday parties to giving away free music on i-tunes if someone would just--please--agree to talk to one of them. They are sooo cool.
The story I mentioned on Saturday about New Orleans prisoners who were abandoned in their cells, trapped while water rose up to their chins, has been covered in a really excellent in-depth piece by Democracy Now. More than 500 prisoners are still unaccounted for. Based in part on the original Human Rights Watch reports, the ACLU has filed a series of motions and a Freedom of Infomation Act request to get information on the fate of 6,500 New Orleans prisoners.
The Scopes Dover "Intelligent Design" Trial goes on. There is good coverage at the Panda's Thumb, not to be confused with the creationist textbook Of Pandas and People, which is a major exhibit in the trial. It turns out that early draft versions of the textbook contain an evolutionary record of the transition from creationism to "intelligent design."

There is continuing podcast coverage of the trial from the National Center for Science Education.

And Attacks on Evolution State by State


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