Friday, September 30, 2005

The Worthless Mr. Wyden

Our worthless Senator Wyden blithely helps move us just a little closer to The Handmaid's Tale.
    In a speech on the Senate floor, the Oregon Democrat said Roberts would not be the nominee he would choose, but that Roberts is more than qualified for the post.
We are not picking the head of FEMA or an airline pilot here. Pretending that Supreme Court Justice is essentially a technocratic job, and not an ideological one is disingenuous at best. The Republicans have recognized this for a long time. The Democrats are still living in the jaws of make believe. Ideological agenda, what ideological agenda?

Republicans are not appointing an extremist like Roberts because of his skill as a lawyer but because of his loyalty as a consigliere. All Wyden's talk about Roberts' allegedly brilliant legal mind is just a smokesceen for cowardice and indifference. It gives the Bush administration aid and comfort in their drive to establish a theo-corporate state. Roberts perhaps could not be stopped, but there was no need to help legitimize him or the agenda that follows on his heels.


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