Friday, October 14, 2005

Our Radiant Future

More like this (via Boing Boing)

What we might have to look forward to in 2008:

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is thinking about running for President in 2008.
    Brownback, an evangelical-Protestant-turned-Roman Catholic from Kansas who attends services in the two faiths each Sunday and once washed an aide's feet in a gesture of humble devotion, is contemplating a big bet on a resurgence in traditionalist faith...He [is currently attempting] to assess the potential for a Republican presidential primary campaign centered on opposition to abortion and support for God in public life...The premise of his ambitions is that the country has "re-engaged with its faith" in a historic revival..."The last time you had this many people of faith coming into the public square and the body politic" was 100 years ago, in the era of the populist champion William Jennings Bryan" Mr. Brownback [remarked]...He has championed bans on human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, as well as a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. At the Republican National Convention in 2004 he rallied a closed-door meeting of Christian conservatives with calls for a "cultural war."
Or you could go visit another creationist museum which is being built in Kentucky.

Or you just might be able to put an mp3 player in your new breast implant (via feministing).

Update 9/15: Looking toward a cleaner future. The video demo boarders on the surreal (via Sonya).


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