Monday, October 10, 2005

Rumors, Gossip and Lies

Supreme Court nominee Meyers belongs to a creationist church. Will anyone ask her what her view is? The new reports on her unctuous flattery of her employer are making me ill. She sounds like a groupie. And people are protesting the pathetic military PR efforts at Chuck E. Cheese.

Earlier: Toy Soldiers.

The head of the Oregon Christian Coalition is--gasp--a child molester. Meanwhile, LA reveals decades of abuse by priests: 126 clergy, 75 years.

and finally
    God's Phone Logs Prove He Did Not Speak To Bush
    ‘Out of the Loop’ On Iraq, Almighty Says

    ...In what some saw as a particularly sarcastic rebuke of the president, God offered this possible explanation of Mr. Bush’s claim that He had told him to invade Iraq: “Maybe he has me confused with Dick Cheney.”


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