Friday, October 21, 2005


The LA Times has a funny story on The Timeless Art of Flattery.

Move over Eddie Haskell. Harriet E. Miers could teach you a thing or two about sucking up. Papers released last week by the Texas state archives show a woman who admired the boss and wasn't afraid to show it, with puppy dog cards and flowery notes in her own hand, often added to official typed correspondence.

"You are the best Governor ever — deserving of great respect!" Miers wrote to George W. Bush in a belated card for his 51st birthday. (Which is why the puppy on the front of the card has such a hangdog look). At the bottom of the greeting card, she added, "At least for thirty days — you are not younger than me." In a flowery thank you card, she wrote, "Hopefully Jenna and Barbara recognize that their parents are 'cool' — as do the rest of us … All I heard is how great you and Laura are doing … Texas is blessed!"

Her strong words of praise did not end after her boss attained the White House (taking her with him.) This week, lawmakers released some of her recent speeches and other public remarks. As recently as June, she told White House interns what a fantastic editor the president is: "All those editing skills and you should think the president was a lawyer himself. He works so constantly." In July, she told a Washington law firm, "My admiration for the president's leadership and Mrs. Bush's leadership has been reaffirmed on virtually a daily basis."
All those editing skills? Really?

Shh! She's passing a note to the president

UPDATE 10/22: And for those with strong stomachs, the original Harriet and George letters are available for viewing at The Smoking Gun.

And One Good Move has a great video clip of a Rumsfeldian Bush responding to the questions about her response to questions on her questionaire.


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