Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chomsky vindicated

As noted here earlier, the Guardian ran an "interview" with Noam Chomsky so wildly inaccurate it crossed the border from slander into disinformation. Today the Guardian has printed a full and unqualified retraction, acknowledging the egregious errors and distortions in the article. They have even gone so far as to delete the original interview from the website. This is what journalistic integrity looks like. My only quibble is that the retraction appears on the corrections and clarifications page, which is not something readers on the internet are likely to come upon by accident.

ZNet now has up a longer response by Chomsky to the original published interview.


At 11/18/2005 8:40 PM, Blogger John-Paul said...

It is telling that Chomsky has declined to accuse Brockes of inventing any of his actual quotes. He opts only for making the inspecific and unfalsifiable charge that she "[invents their] contexts". The Guardian's retraction says nothing about the fidelity with which Chomsky's statements were rendered. Therefore, the ones that stand alone should be considered accurate until Chomsky specifically and credibly disputes them.

The Srebrenica controversy has eclipsed the fact that Chomsky minimizes another set of atrocities in a different part of the interview: those of the European pogroms against the Jews. Chomsky refers to them as "not very bad, by contemporary standards". This is outrageously false, as an examination of the historical record shows. Chomsky's minimization of the pogroms, which (from the 16th to the 20th Centuries) claimed an estimated 300,000 Jewish lives, cannot be vindicated by an appeal to "invented contexts".

At 11/19/2005 2:04 AM, Blogger velid said...

Inventing a context for a quote is transparently falsifying it. How hard is that to understand. The answer "yes" put in the wrong context can mean approval for anything. Apparently you need to take a remedial reading course. I'd recommend some basic logic as well.

You are absolutely the stupidist person who has commented on this blog so far.


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