Monday, November 07, 2005

McCain McDemocrats

Whereas the Democrats have been mostly missing in action on the torture issue, John McCain continues to courageously fight off the Bush-Cheney torture lobby and push for a complete ban on torture. The debate is more appropriate to the 14th century than the 21st, but at least McCain has been on the right side. (And, of course, it is all a moot point because the president again assured us today: "We do not torture.")

That said, it is important to also note that McCain is, at least in his current political incarnation, a complete right wing thug when it comes to a wide range of other issues. He has given strong support to the bigots against gay marriage, he is anti-choice, he advocates including "intelligent design" in the high school biology curriculum, and he is a militant supporter of the war in Iraq.

Perhaps this is why the Democrats kept wooing him as a possible crossover Democratic presidential candidate in the last election, or failing that, attempting to morph into him. And an influential segment of the Democratic party leadership would apparently have little problem with his positions on abortion, the war, gay marriage or even intelligent design.

This weekend for example, despite what Jon Stewart referred to as the party's "newly grown pair of donkey testicles," Joe Biden already publicly backed away from the idea of filibustering the fascist supreme court nominee Scalito.

UPDATE 11/8: Well, well. It turns out McCain is even less progressive that I thought. His opposition to torture is rather selective. David Bloom has an important article in Counterpunch on McCain's whitewash of Israeli torture. He apparently looks to Israel as a model for combatting terrorism without resorting to torture. The problem of course is that, despite official denials, they still do use systematic torture.

UPDATE 11/9: If you need any more evidence of what a prevaricating, warmongering asshole McCain really is, just check out his latest interview with Jon Stewart. He continues to defend the war on Iraq, claims that all intelligence agencies before the war thought there were weapons of mass destruction [what about those UN inspectors??], holds up Israeli torture policy as a model, defends Dick Cheney, and plugs a putrid pandering book of inspirational stories. What a wanker.


At 11/07/2005 6:17 PM, Anonymous andy said...

McCain, unlike the rest of the Bush/Rove-ites, actually did military service some of which as an POW. So he acknowlages that the Geneva Convention is good for U.S. warmongering as well as everyone elses. He views it,I think, as a matter of self-presevation for those of his ilk. With Bill Clinton's DLC trying to be more Republican than the GOP it's no surprise they want to nominate him. He's refused several times already and has stated that he will vote to confirm Scalito soley on partisan affiliation. It's been since the around civil war that a new political party was legitmized, the same time that corporations got the same rights as idividuals with the 14th amendment, coincidentally. So the division of the "two parties" becomes less and less as they further their mutual survival. It's almost enough to make me a cynic. Thanks for letting tack on my rant to yours.


At 11/07/2005 9:50 PM, Blogger velid said...

Exactly. Thanks for the supplemental rant.

I had put up a bunch of posts about the McCain amendment to ban torture, which is good no matter the motivation, but I thought I ought to balance it out with some reminders about who he is and what he stands for in other areas. The bar has been lowered so far by Bush Cheney that there is a danger of a politician seeming enlightened merely for not wanting to torture people.

At 11/07/2005 10:24 PM, Blogger velid said...

And as far as the 2008 presidential campain is concerned, I am still leaning toward this guy.

At 11/08/2005 4:25 PM, Anonymous andy said...

Walken would be great prez, his state of the union addresses alone would be worth electing him. But... I was at a certain pub last night and Eddie Wilson, formerly of the Armadillo World Headquarteres and currently of Threadgill's was talking about a movement for Al Gore/ Bill Clinton(VP) for '08. Constitutionally Clinton has two more years he can serve as president. Eddie is usually a fairly progressive guy. Is this the best hope for the Demopulicans? Could be. Never mind That during Clinton's second term the U.S bombed somewhere in Iraq everyother day. Not to be a cynic but as William Safire said in his porn novella (and I quote) "Arragghrrorwr!" Angst.



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