Friday, December 30, 2005

Good Taste

Good taste is such a relative thing. Consider this submission from Austria.

"Guess where the next terrorist attack will take place and win a free t-shirt."

It is part of a public art project to honor Austria's EU presidency that has gotten a little out of hand. The controversy has mostly surrounded billboards depicting three-way sex between Queen Elizabeth II, Jaques Chirac and George III (pix link via Pime Forest). The BBC has the best coverage of the story plus some (realtime) video. Boing Boing has more, including a link to a torrent of a pdf which has pix of all of the submissions to the show.

The BBC also has up a link to an earlier story about a controversial New Zealand newspaper ad for prostitutes for a club "downstairs at the White House."
The crossed Stars and Stripes and bald eagle logo may appear to suggest the Bush administration has branched out, but the advert is in fact for a brothel in Auckland looking for new ladies for its nightclub, Monica's.

It appeared in newspapers shortly after New Zealand's Parliament voted to decriminalise prostitution and pimping and allow licensed brothels to operate under public health and employment laws.

The US Embassy has sent a letter to the business complaining that the advert, especially the logo, is in poor taste.
Speaking of good is a political zombie movie playing this month on Showtime. Dead veterans break out of their flag draped coffins to get revenge on the corrupt politicians who sent them to die in a pointless war (via One Good Move).

First there was the theft of the Mother Theresa bun, now they won't leave the Virgin Mary alone. The censored South Park episode "Bloody Mary" has been resurrected. Boing Boing summarizes the plot:
In this season finale episode, which first aired on December 7, a local statue of the Virgin Mary bleeds from its ass. Townsfolk think it's a miracle. Emperor Palpatine Pope Benedict XVI visits to inspect the statue in person, determines that it is instead bleeding from its vagina, and declares: "A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle. Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time.
My favorite quote: "They say her divine ass-blood has miraculous healing powers." It reminds me a bit of the Father Ted episode The Tentacles of Doom. But if you really want to celebrate the spirit of the holy mother of god, you might look here or here.


At 12/30/2005 10:35 AM, Blogger velid said...

Thinking bout the contest a bit more, it seems like they might be searching for the next Tyrone Slothrop, the protagonist of Gravity's Rainbow who demonstated a wild "erectile" talent for predicting V2 attacks on London.


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