Friday, December 02, 2005

Monsters from the id

At the level of the ego, George Bush declares a strategy for victory in Iraq and the LA Times cheers along with a piece of fantasy headlined Bush is now in step with his generals, the exact opposite of reality, as we learned earlier from Seymour Hersh, who noted that Congressmen Murtha's call to withdraw from Iraq was likely channeled from those very generals. Military experts agree that Bush's pollyanna assessment of the prospects for victory has little to do with reality. Even the gullible New York Times isn't buying it. In an editorial assessment of Bush's speech they called it "the most grandiose set of ambitions for the region since the vision of Nebuchadnezzar's son Belshazzar, who saw the hand writing on the wall."

And at the level of the id, we have more and more torture, death squads, and planning for genocide. Robert Parry argues
Despite pretty words about democracy and freedom, George W. Bush's "victory" plan in Iraq is starting to look increasingly like an invitation to genocide, the systematic destruction of the Sunni minority for resisting its U.S.-induced transformation from the nation'’s ruling elite into second-class citizenship.
Clearly the death squads operating in Iraq are organized by the US as an instrument for the "democratization" of Iraq. That the Salvador option has been exercised hardly comes a surprise after they put someone with the relevant experience like John Negroponte in charge of policy.

Now here's the proof that this is not just the work of unaccountable Shia militias in an excellent and detailed article by Max Fuller. Chris Floyd comments on the implications.


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