Monday, January 09, 2006

America under Scalito

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PZ Myers has some pointed comments on a map of the states likely to restrict or outlaw abortion if Roe is overturned.

The theocrats dribbling oil on the hearing room seats sure seem to think that the confirmation will usher in the Handmaid's Tale scenario. For a more graphic account of what eliminating Roe might mean for women, listen to Kate Michaelman recount her experience of trying to get a abortion in 1969 on Democracy Now! The whole show today is about the Alito hearing and is well worth a listen.

I will be happily surprised if the supine democrats are willing to push through the filibuster Alito so thoroughly deserves. Some of their lackeys have already hoisted the white flag. And it is not just about abortion rights, although that should be more than sufficient grounds for a filibuster.

However, I do not think framing the issue in terms of credibility is the right way to go. Ted Kennedy raises a number of reasonable objections along this line but the word "credibility" still suggests that the confirmation should turn on politically neutral questions of competence.

Frankly, this is bullshit. The real issue is that Alito is a right wing ideologue who will use his position on the court to help usher in fundamental constitutional changes that will eliminate individual freedoms and permanently enthrone a radical view of almost unlimited executive prerogative. He will help usher in actual fascism.

UPDATE: For a lot more information about the Scalito hearings and the war on reproductive rights check out the new website put up by NARAL: Bush v. Choice.


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