Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Join th' swashbuckle again' terror

Abroad, our Nation be committed t' an historic, long-term goal. We seek th' end o' tyranny in our world. Some dismiss that goal as misguided idealism. In reality, th' future security o' America depends on 't. On September 11th, 2001, we found that problems originatin' in a failed an' oppressive state se'en chestfull o' miles away could brin' murder an' destruction t' our country. Dictatorships shelter terrorists, feed resentment an' radicalism, an' seek weapons o' mass destruction. Democracies replace resentment wi' hope, respect th' starboards o' the'r citizens an' the'r neighbors, an' join th' swashbuckle again' terror. Ever' step toward freedom in th' world makes our country safer, an' so we will act boldly in freedom's cause...
The State of the Union (translated into the pirate tongue) via Tom Tomorrow. Really this is the only way to get through the damn speech. I wish he would actually talk like this too. It would at least add entertainment value to the ongoing horror. Arrgh.


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