Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Porking National Security

The New York Times has a story about changes in the way the federal government will hand out anti-terror aid to cities.
Facing cuts in antiterrorism financing, the Department of Homeland Security plans to announce today that it will evaluate new requests for money from an $800 million aid program for cities based less on politics and more on assessments of where terrorists are likely to strike and potentially cause the greatest damage, department officials say.
So protecting American lives really hasn't been the priority until now? The previous policy, which one homeland security official described as "Neanderthalic" and "sophomoric" allocated huge grants to sparsely populated red states but skimped on cities like New York. Rural security grants included,
$557,400 awarded to North Pole, Alaska, a city of about 1,700 residents, to buy rescue and communications equipment, and $500,000 to Outagamie County, Wis., population 165,000, to buy chemical suits, rescue saws, disaster-response trailers, emergency lighting and a bomb disposal vehicle.
This isn't just about a bridge to nowhere. It is about ignoring national security for political gain.

Even with a new more reality-based allocation planned, the total budget for the program is much less than what we spend in Iraq in a single week. And the budget for 2006 is $120 million less than for 2005. I guess only wars of aggression and spying on American citizens count as real national defense.

And Bush still has any credibility on national security?


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