Friday, January 20, 2006

Sins of the flesh

One of the few genuine contributions religion has made to civilization is making sex dirty, enhancing the excitement of sex by adding the spice of the forbidden. This is especially true in Catholicism, where every thought of the flesh is forbidden, so everything is exciting.

The number of films dwelling on the forbidden allure of nuns is legion. One of my favorites is Almodovar's Dark Habits, aka Lesbian Nuns on Smack. And then there is the whole Catholic school girl thing, which Normal Bob and his Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls have got pretty much covered.

Read about their fun filled reunion where they "paint the town godless." I featured Normal's Jesus uniforms magnet earlier here. Now here is his unholy Catholic school girl dress up.

Not to be left out, this Lutheran congregation has come out with a prurient Bible calendar, featuring, I kid you not, young nude parishioners acting out sexy scenes from the bible. Apparently not the inspiring scenes with Lot's Daughters though.

Even the baby Jesus has been drafted to serve in god's erotic army. And Divine Interventions catalogues a number of other surprising forms in which the spirit of the lord can enter.

If you want to commit some songs of the flesh, the good Reverend is more than happy to oblige. Don't miss his cautionary tale of sex addiction, Sermon on the Jimbo, or his ode to the Biblical heroine Jezebel.

UPDATE: If nuns don't turn you on, you can turn on them at Nungunner!, a fun interactive game for the whole family (via the amazing Godless Wonder).


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