Friday, February 24, 2006

Gutting alternative media

Our coffin salesman in chief
--from the now cancelled Bush Beat column in the Village Voice

The Village Voice has often been a good source of critical political reporting, especially since the coronation of George III. It has also been the home to some excellent cartoons with a political edge, such as Sutton Impact and Tom Tomorrow.

Matt Bors notes that the Voice, which was recently bought out by a media conglomerate, will likely be dropping all editorial cartoons as part of a more fundamental change: "switching gears and steering away from politics."

The conglomerate that bought the Voice, "the Clear Channel of alt. Weeklies," is New Times which now owns 17 weeklies from coast to coast. As a first step towards harmonization [gleichschaltung], the new management has already cancelled the critical and appropriately sarcastic column Bush Beat.


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