Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Prisoners without names, cells without number

Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo. Bagram.

According to a series of recent reports, Guantanamo is passing the torch to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan as the flagship of the American gulag. And on Democracy Now! charges that Bagram is now a whole lot worse than Guantanamo. A chilling report even after all that has already been revealed.

The Secret Prisons

Nat Hentoff has an article on the CIA's global network of "black site" prisons, whose prisoners are never named and whose very existence is denied. All attempts to force the administration to give an account of these dungeons have been quashed.

Hentoff asks the very pertinent question--apparently a topic of hot debate within the CIA--what will they do with the bodies, with prisoners they do not admit exist, whom they have no legal right to hold and whom they have tortured and dehumanized for years? Will they simply be disappeared?

And then there is our own responsibility for letting it happen.
There is a rising focus around the country on this year's midterm elections. During the campaigning, will there be any mention of the screams in the CIA's underground prisons of darkness? And if there is, how many Americans will care enough to be repelled by their own silent, passive complicity in the growing moral darkness of this nation's leadership?
My guess is that it won't be an issue.

And now come the death squads


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