Thursday, February 09, 2006

Republican Prodigies

One of the hallmarks of the Bush administration has been competence. Just not in a good way. Today heck of a job Brownie is threatening to leak more general tales of incompetence unless the higher ups get his back.

And the recently fired 24 year old Bush administration hack who almost had a BA in journalism from Texas A&M before he got job as official NASA censor, is defending his performance by calling into question the objectivity of actual NASA scientists (see the discussion of chutzpah in my previous post).

And finally here (via Artios) is a tale from earlier in the Iraq war about another bright eyed 24 year old Bush appointee.
One young political appointee (a 24-year-old Ivy League graduate) argued that Iraq should not enshrine judicial review in its constitution because it might lead to the legalization of abortion. A much more senior Iraqi interlocutor (a widely experienced Iraqi-American lawyer) became so exasperated with the young man's audacity that he finally challenged him:

"You must have thoroughly studied the history of the British occupation of Iraq.''

"Yes, I did,'' the young American replied proudly.

"I thought so,'' said the Iraqi, "because you seem determined to repeat every one of their mistakes.''

Only the best and the brightest.


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