Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Faith Based Epidemiology

There is a joke that has been going around for a while that creationists should not be treated with any medications that that have been developed to deal with the evolution of bacterial resistance. This reached classic form as a young earth creationist consults with his doctor about how to treat his tuberculosis in this Doonesbury cartoon.

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Reality, as usual lately, has caught up with parody, and creationists are in fact proposing a bible-based epidemiology.
In a pair of articles published in the esteemed journal, Creation Research Society Quarterly, Jeffrey Schragin has put forth his argument that "the Bible's epidemiology is scientifically sound" and that the "Creation Health Model (CHM) offers a more comprehensive understanding of health and disease than standard molecules-to-man evolutionary theory."
Tara Smith of Aetiology provides a detailed critique* of this "theory" which she dubs "Edenomics."
*Link thanks to Fall of Humanity.


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