Friday, March 17, 2006

Temporary Sins, Eternal Punishment

Temporary Sins, Eternal Punishment
by Sherry Matulis* (excerpts)

Where are you when dirty old men
of the cloth hump, hump, hump
defenseless five year olds, admonishing
Eternal Hellfire if they tell, leaving
them bloody and teeth chattering constrained;
and then walk away from the crime,
skin and bones and reputation intact?
Why don't you do something?


Where are you? Are you busy
pimping for preachers?
Designing a fish without stomach acids?
Planning a bigger, better flood?
Stoking the forever fire?

Build a huge one; you deserve it.
My 'sins' are small and temporary.
For yours, I'd recommend
Eternal Punishment.

*From Women Without Superstition "No Gods, No Masters." Matulis is an important feminist writer and activist, known especially for her work in support of abortion rights. She has also written a harrowing account of her experience getting an illegal abortion in pre-Roe America.


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