Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wrapping your mind around the death

Flash Map of unfolding coalition casualties in Iraq
boing boing)

It is so hard to keep in mind the real human costs of the war in Iraq. Efforts to break through the mind numbing routine of it all, to bring us face to face the ongoing horror, to make its impact more palpable, are critical in underlining the urgency of ending the war as soon as possible. This time lapse map of the ongoing fatalities among coalition forces makes a significant contribution.
The animation runs at 10 frames per second--one frame for each day--and a single black dot indicates the geographic location [where] a coalition military fatality occurred. Each dot starts as a white flash and a larger red dot, which fades to black over the course of 30 frames/days and then slowly fades to grey over the span of the entire war.
Keep in mind that only coalition deaths are represented here. The incomparably greater number of deaths among the Iraqi population are not depicted. The authors of the project explain that the lack of adequate documentation and the sheer number of Iraqi fatalities made including them in this kind of presentation impossible.

Earlier attempts at a graphic representation of the death toll can be seen here and here.


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