Monday, May 22, 2006

Fairy Tales

Juan Cole and a number of other intrepid bloggers caught a particularly blatant piece of war propaganda this weekend about a supposed new Iranian law "forcing Jews and Christians to wear colored badges." Turns out the source was a bit suspicious, as was the paper that published it.

And now the Telegraph runs this utterly implausible story, unsourced of course, that seems scripted straight out of neocon fantasy.

US sets up £215m deal for Afghan arms - from Russia
By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 22/05/2006)

American defence officials have secretly requested a "prodigious quantity" of ammunition from Russia to supply the Afghan army in case a Democrat president takes over in Washington and pulls out US troops.

The Daily Telegraph can disclose that Pentagon chiefs have asked arms suppliers for a quote on a vast amount of ordnance, including more than 78 million rounds of AK47 ammunition, 100,000 rocket-propelled grenades and 12,000 tank shells - equivalent to about 15 times the British Army's annual requirements.

The Bush administration is said to want the deal because of worries that the next president could be a Democrat, possibly Hillary Clinton, who may abandon Afghanistan...

Just a couple of problems with the story. Hillary Clinton has been positioning herself as even more of a bloodthirsty warmonger than Bush, in order to suck up to the values voters in the heartland. Any evidence at all for this claim? And then there is the problem that it is beyond plausibility that Bush actually cares about Afghanistan, other than as an oil pipeline. He has shown not the slightest interest in anything that happens after he leaves office, let alone the long term future.

I think I smell a plant.


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