Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On degeneration

The New Yorker has a thoughtful in-depth profile/interview of famed Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci. Known for her biting interview style, she notably wrote an important eyewitness account of "the events of October, 1968, in Mexico City, when soldiers shot and bayonetted hundreds of anti-government protesters."

Today, she is a self -styled "Christian atheist" consumed with blinding rage against Islam, and plagued by an assortment of other bigotries.
The magnificently rebellious Oriana Fallaci now cultivates, it seems, the prejudices of the petite bourgeoisie. She is opposed to abortion, unless she “were raped and made pregnant by a bin Laden or a Zarqawi.” She is fiercely opposed to gay marriage (“In the same way that the Muslims would like us all to become Muslims, they would like us all to become homosexuals”), and suspicious of immigration in general. The demonstrations by immigrants in the United States these past few months “disgust” her, especially when protesters displayed the Mexican flag. “I don’t love the Mexicans,” Fallaci said, invoking her nasty treatment at the hands of Mexican police in 1968. “If you hold a gun and say, ‘Choose who is worse between the Muslims and the Mexicans,’ I have a moment of hesitation. Then I choose the Muslims, because they have broken my balls.”
An tragically common form of dementia in recent years.


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