Thursday, June 22, 2006

Failures of the capitalist imagination

Some things just can't be fixed though advertising. Newsweek has a story about the creation of a $1 million PSA to discourage suicide bombing.

This Is Your Street Mid-Bombing
A Hollywood-budget public service announcement aims at discouraging suicide attacks in Iraq and elsewhere.

"We all watch it on the evening news," says 900 Frames partner Drew Plotkin, "but we're using a 120-camera set up that was used in films like 'The Matrix.' It gives a frozen-in-time feeling. Instead of seeing a flash and ambulances racing to the scene, we're showing the street right before the attack, during and right after. That will communicate the horror, the carnage, the human toll these attacks take on innocent civilians..."
I think people in Iraq are already all too familiar with "the horror, the carnage, the human toll." I mean, how clueless can you get. They don't need television to tell them that there is a war on.

But I guess it's not really real unless it is on TV.


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