Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No sense of irony

From today's New York Times:
President Bush urged immigrants on Wednesday to learn English and history and civics with the goal of "helping us remain one nation under God."
Leaving aside the fact that Bush has yet to master his native language--Chomsky thinks he's faking, I don't--and is famed for his lack of intellectual curiosity, this is a man who cheated his way into the presidency twice by appealing to the basest fears and loathings of the American people--admittedly an inexhaustible well--and thus has little room to be lecturing anyone about civics. And to top it off the signature tactic of his administration has been using god as a club to enforce ideological conformity, all the while destroying the future of this country and many others for the benefit of an oh so unworthy few. "One nation under god" is not a statement of faith--it's a thinly veiled threat.

Of all the criminals and murderers who ever crossed the border illegally and never learned English, who among them could equal the record of murder, torture, hatred and destruction of our commander in chief?

See also Brian Leiter's When Politicians Unintentionally and Ironically Speak the Truth.


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