Thursday, June 29, 2006

The plague of air conditioning

A window on downtown Houston

Having grown up in Houston, a town whose climate and "culture" I loathe, this definitely resonates.

America's Air-Conditioned Nightmare

By Stan Cox

Air-conditioning puts a chill on community spirit, aids the cause of anti-enviros, and just might have given us President George W. Bush.

Keeping people indoors and comfortable reinforces a tight focus on the individual or nuclear family rather than a larger community, and that is part of what's crippling grassroots political action.

Air-conditioning helps numb us to the prospect of ecological breakdown on a planetary scale as well. It's more tempting to think of global warming as a problem that only people in sweltering Bangladesh will have to deal with when we view their flood-prone plight from a seat in a cool living room or movie theater.


There is quite a bit more. Well worth a read.

Cue theme music: Little Boxes, followed by Kerosene, and Anahuac.


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