Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Wargasm wargasm one, two, three
Tie a yellow ribbon around the amputee
Masturbate watch it on TV
Crocodile tears for the refugee

Wargasm wargasm one, two, three
Smutty bloody pictures, ecstasy
Blue balls waiting impatiently
From Alcatraz to Lady Liberty

Body bags and dropping bombs,
The pentagon knows how to turn us on
Wargasm wargasm one, two, three
Pit bull pit bull ecstasy
Wave those flags high in the air
As long as it takes place over there
Wargasm -- L7
Abu Ghraib was just a taste. There is increasing evidence coming from all quarters that the sexual sadism of empire has spread throughout the troops and their cheerleaders back in the U.S.

Consider the proliferation of war trophy photographs, discussed and documented in an excellent but extremely disturbing article by David Swanson. What are we to infer about the psychology of the soldiers who collect these kinds of mementos of the pleasures of total domination? Or make music videos like this? Or play soccer with the heads of decapitated Iraqis. Remember, someday these soldiers are coming back home.

Already, now that the initial shock of Abu Ghraib has worn off, torture is fast becoming an integral part of the civilian imagination. It is not just the intellectual attempts to rehabilitate torture as a distasteful necessity in the clash of civilizations. It is not just Ilsa the she wolf of the Aryan right scanning the horizon for the most extreme possibilities. The popularity of shows like 24 and The Shield are evidence that a lot of people are acquiring a taste for increasingly explicit visions of torture and murder.

And, despite continuing coyness about showing the slightest sign of dead or wounded Americans, a pornographic delight in seeing ever more graphic images of murdered enemies has now spread to the front pages of every newspaper in the country, Some examples more egregious than others.

This image of the bloody head of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was meant to be savored. But it wasn't enough to sate the jaded appetite some on the right. The ghoulish Michelle Malkin, for example, is circulating a music video of the assassination, which is quite literally a wargasm reveling in the murder and taunting liberals for their failure to dance with sufficient enthusiasm on his corpse.

The guilty pleasures of war are all coming home.


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