Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Keeping up with the war

Some good recent stuff:

Stephen Frug does a good round up of response to Dershowitz & company who want to introduce gradations of humanity to justify war crimes.

The Angry Arab has a nice biting response to NYT pontificator Nicholas Kristof: "I have always believed that people who can finish a whole column by Kristof should receive a blender as a gift ... I really believe that American liberals are the true inheritors white supremacist colonialism."

In a lethal non sequiter, Paul Woodward of War in Context argues that the meme "Israel has the right to defend itself" is really a kind of Trojan horse; a truth that deftly transports a lie. The lie is that by killing hundreds of Lebanese civilians and destroying the country's infrastructure, Israel is engaged in nothing more than an act of self-defense.

Birthday Parties & the Ground War: Lebanon might be small but in two weeks, the Israelis have only -- at best, and by their accounts-- managed to take control of a border village or two. If they want to invade further into the country, with tanks and the whole shebang, they're going to be sorry for having taken out all the roads and bridges. Which reminds me of the clever fellows who set fire to the Danish Embassy in Beirut last February-- from the bottom up-- and then had to jump to their deaths from the fourth floor.


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